Case Studies Virtual Interpretation


Experienced with providing simultaneous interpretation at in-person events, in March 2020, as the world woke up to the new reality, Intertask too needed to pivot and move to managing fully virtual multi-lingual events. This led Intertask to research and demo over 40 virtual conference platforms, determining that very few offered integrated interpretation services – until they discovered Interprefy.


Finding fully remote, managed interpretation services

The virtual event would be delivered over 5 days, have 90 session, cross multiple times zones, and had to be simultaneously translated in English, French and Spanish requiring upwards of 30 interpreters per day. Intertask found it challenging to find a company that could not only supply this number of people, but who also offered fully managed services.

The Approach

Work with the leading RSI platform recommended by virtual conference platforms

Through their testing and demo process, Interprefy was consistently recommended to Intertask by the virtual event platforms. From sourcing interpreters, integration testing and live day technical support, Interprefy was the natural fit

Initially we were a bit nervous because Interprefy is an international company with no offices in Canada – and we didn’t know anyone who had actually worked with them. But the more we interacted with the Interprefy project management team leading up to the live date, the more confident we became, and we knew it was going to work. – Leeanne Akehurst, Director, Intertask Conferences; and Project Lead

The Interprefy team worked closely with Intertask to source interpreters, test the platform, support interpreters remotely during the event, and record the sessions.
Interprefy was able to source the number of interpreters we required. If we had managed this ourselves, we would had to have used multiple suppliers. Interprefy was responsible for finding and scheduling the interpreters, making sure they showed up, and finding replacements if necessary. Interprefy made it seamless, and removed a lot of stress. We received unsolicited comments on the quality and accuracy of the interpretation in all languages, so it was great. – said Leeanne


Intertask not only found a trusted international partner who can support them in doing the heavy lifting for their remote interpretation needs but is now also using RSI for their hybrid events.

Our experience with Interprefy was excellent. We would highly recommend them. If you have a multi-day conference and require interpretation for concurrent sessions, by the time you add in the costs of additional AV equipment and on-site interpreters, in our view, it would be equal to or a little bit less expensive to use Interprefy.