Association Solutions

Empowering your association to reach new heights.

Our Association Secretariat Solutions ensure all your stakeholders have what they need. From board members to committees, staff and administration, Intertask Conferences has your back.

Board of Directors’ Support

Our dedicated association manager is the primary point of contact for your Board of Directors. They will host Board of Directors Meetings (planning agenda, arranging logistics, preparing action items and interim financial reports), and provide guidance and advice as appropriate.

Committee Coordination and Administration

We are known for providing committees and volunteers with exceptional guidance and collaborative support. Individuals feel appreciated – their questions and requirements addressed in a timely and professional manner.

Marketing & Promotion

Intertask understands the importance of developing a digital strategy: ensuring that there is an integrated plan that considers the messaging that needs to be disseminated across all digital platforms (website, social media and e-newsletters), and that any print media drives traffic back to the website.

Financial Management

We’ll take care of everything – including setting up an independent in-trust account, setting and monitoring the budget, regulatory compliance, day-to-day bookkeeping, annual audited financial statements, tax remittance, insurance, electronic storage and backup.

Professional Development – webinars, annual conference

Keeping members engaged is paramount to membership retention – the cornerstone of a successful association. Relevant, professionally-managed business events are critical to keeping members engaged. See details in the Conference & Event Services section.

Document Storage (electronic and hard copies)

We ensure your documents are stored securely, in compliance with document retention guidelines.

Mailing Address

We will establish a Secretariat including a mailing address, telephone and email address for communication with at our offices in downtown Ottawa.

Website and Social Media Maintenance

The website is the first place that a member will reference when looking for information – keeping it up-to-date is an important function. We know how to keep your website fresh and relevant, and will work with you to maintain a professional presence on appropriate social media platforms, in keeping with approved branding and messaging.