Sustainability Charter

Our people are the heart of our company, and are the driving force behind it. Our sustainability project begins with a need to give meaning to our actions and a desire to get involved to effect change.

Our Vision

We aspire to live in a society that places human well-being at the heart of its decisions while respecting the environmental limitations of our planet. We aim to make sustainability a value shared by all within the Company; to find a balance between generating revenue and minimizing the environmental impact of our activities while contributing to social progress; to integrate the challenges of sustainability into our daily activities; and to adopt specific sustainable tactics in the organization of all our events. The implementation of this Charter requires the voluntary and active commitment of our employees and partners.

The fundamental principles of this Charter aim to limit the negative environmental and behavioral impact of events and to enhance their impact on the local environment.

Our Commitment

We acknowledge the events we produce have an impact on the environment. We will continuously strive to enhance our sustainable initiatives while delivering events that meet our clients’ objectives and maintaining a profitable position for the Company. To achieve this, we are committed to implementing initiatives to:

  • Improve and measure our environmental footprint throughout the life cycle of our activities
  • Improve the social and environmental benefits of our operations
  • Encourage the participation of all our employees
  • Cooperate with our internal and external stakeholders in promoting sustainable tactics

We also commit to maintaining a Sustainability Committee and allocating the necessary resources to achieve the objectives of the Strategic Sustainability Plan. Management will evaluate the evolution of the Strategic Sustainability Plan at least once a year, make the necessary adjustments to facilitate and enhance its implementation, and ensure alignment with our business strategy.

Our Values

We hold the following values, which allow us to create long-term relationships with our strategic partners, employees, customers, and key suppliers:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Commitment
  • Social responsibility

Strategic Orientation

To link the long-range vision of transformative and sustainable change to our daily work, we will be guided by impacts in four key areas:

  • Governance
  • Environmental
  • Societal contribution
  • Economic viability and impact

Scope of Application and Responsibility

This Charter applies to all employees and subcontractors of the Company. Intertask also encourages its suppliers, clients, and strategic partners to adopt environmentally responsible practices that integrate the principles of sustainable development.